Kindling the Heart of the Christ-like Servant Leader

Kindling the Heart 3rd edition

The newly updated 3rd edition of Kindling the Heart of the Christ-like Servant Leader contains updated devotionals for the four KINDLE strands. Eight new devotions were added to reflect on the Grace-Filled Marks that result from growing in the practices for each strand.  Click here to download a sample.

Books are available for purchase through Strobickan Publishing or as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.




Here are some of the ways people are using the book in their ministry:

  • Devotions during staff and team meetings.
  • Devotions and conversation in coaching sessions with volunteers.
  • Gifts for volunteers and others who might benefit from the material as they live out their calling as Christ-like servant leaders in their congregations, homes, workplaces, communities, and the world.
  • Gifts for lay people who participate in a congregational cluster.