Christ-like Servant Leader Inventory & Profile

At the heart of the KINDLE experience is an opportunity for you to mature as a Christ-like servant leader.  KINDLE has outlined 20 practices of a Christ-like servant leader in order to help you intentionalize the growth process.  One of the ways you will be encouraged to grow during your participation in KINDLE is through regular pursuit of the 20 practices of a Christ-like servant leader.  As a beginning step in this process, we will ask you to assess your current level of doing these practices through an Inventory instrument.

A second part of this assessment process includes receiving feedback regarding how others perceive your pursuit of these practices.  In order to accomplish this, we will ask you to distribute Inventory instruments to both your pastor (if more than one, you select the individual most familiar with you and your ministry) and to four lay leaders who are well acquainted with your ministry.

Here is the Christ-like Servant Leader Practices Inventory.
After you have gathered your inventories, you may enter the data in this Servant Leader Profile to produce a summary document.

Suggested Criteria for Selecting Evaluators

  1. Choose people who know how you function so that they can make responses to as many of the items on the Inventory as possible.
  2. Choose people who can give you concrete feedback rather than generalized commentary or uniformly high marks, which will not be helpful to this process.
  3. Choose lay people who you believe will “speak the truth in love.” They should be people who are able to be honest, fair, and candid with you, but with whom you feel secure enough to receive positive and negative feedback.
  4. Choose a variety of people you work with, such as: Church Council Member or Elder, people from different ministry areas you are responsible for, possibly a part-time staff person, etc.  The greater cross section of ministry areas you utilize, the broader spectrum of feedback you will receive.
  5. Choose people with whom you have a variety of relationship levels: for example, some people who have known you a long time and some who know your work, but with whom you are less well-acquainted.

Other Suggestions

  1. Explain to each person you choose that you desire them to be completely honest because the purpose of the assessment is designed to show your growth as a Christ-like servant leader.
  2. Some of the language in the Inventory will possibly be unfamiliar to your lay people. Warn them about this ahead of time, asking them to refer to the KINDLE Definitions and Terms sheet.  They may also ask you for clarification.  Finally, encourage them to answer the questions according to their best understanding of the terminology.
  3. Encourage your evaluator to use the comment section under each item to help you understand why they rated you as they did.
  4. Lastly, remind each evaluator to review the “steps” on the cover page of the Inventory.