Classic KINDLE

This two-year program is for individuals who have served in a congregational setting for four years or more.  It features four learning events built around legacy circle group interactions of 5-6 persons. Veteran coaches mentor church workers as they strive to become more intentional, Christ-like Servant Leaders.  The next cycle will begin in September of 2018.

KINDLE:  Finishing Well

Finishing Well is a two-year process for individuals who are 50 or older and have served a congregation for at least 10 years. The emphasis of this four-event experience is leaving a legacy of multiplying Christ-like Servant Leaders. The next cycle of KINDLE:  Finishing Well will begin in September of 2018.

KINDLE:  Recent Graduates

A four-day “taste of Christ-like servant leader training” for church workers in their initial three years of public ministry. The next event will be held in September of 2017.

KINDLE:  Couples

A four-day experience for a KINDLE Associate and their spouse, designed to explore the grace-filled mark of obedience through cultivating their faith, and the grace-filled mark of well-being through cultivating their health — all with the purpose of growing together as Christ-like servant leaders.  Event dates are April 23-26, 2017.

KINDLE:  Servant Leader Workshops

A training experience for laity around one of the four strands — Cultivating Faith, Cultivating Health, Cultivating Individuals, Cultivating Groups — that compose KINDLE’s approach to fostering and multiplying Christ-like Servant Leaders. Workshops will be scheduled in the near future.