KINDLE: Finishing Well

The subtitle says it all: Leaving a Legacy of Multiplying Christ-like Servant Leaders. This exciting two-year learning cycle is designed for those LCMS commissioned ministers and congregational practitioners who are 50 years or older and who have served in a congregational role for at least 10 years.

The primary outcome of this training experience is that participants would be inspired and equipped to leave a congregational legacy built upon a) scores of well-equipped lay leaders who use their Christ-like servant leadership to impact people with the love of Jesus; b) energized lay leaders who are Christ-like servant leaders in their congregation, home, workplace, and community; and c) a well-understood servant leader development path that strengthens people’s capacity to minister to others as a Christ-like Servant Leader.

While emphasizing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enhance the lives and capabilities of participants, a significant part of this two-year experience, as noted above, centers on leaving a legacy of identifying, inviting, and apprenticing congregational members to become Christ-like servant leaders in their congregation, home, work place, community, and the world. At the same time, KINDLE: Finishing Well will help participants explore how they can intentionally optimize their final years of public ministry and, when that day comes, positively transition out of full-time public ministry into some other ways of following Jesus.

Benefits to you, the church professional:

The KINDLE: Finishing Well process is a marvelous way for those serving in their final years of ministry (15 or less) to keep growing as a productive, resourceful, healthy, and more confident church worker, who is dedicated to helping others develop and exercise a passion for Christ-like servant leadership within their congregation, home, workplace, and community.

In pursuit of this challenge, there are four major emphases that are at the heart of the KINDLE process, and which strengthens the church worker’s effectiveness in his or her pursuit of being a Christ-like servant leader:

  • Cultivating Faith
  • Cultivating Health
  • Cultivating Individuals
  • Cultivating Groups

These emphases permeate the four Learning Events held throughout a two-year period. These four on-site residencies are led by a highly-qualified training team and are interspersed with weekly conference calls involving a legacy circle of three other fellow Associates and a coach.

Each Learning Event is designed to refresh the church worker for further ministry and provide back-home applications that stimulate lay leaders’ commitment to be Christ-like Servant Leaders.

Benefits for the congregation you are serving:

When you attend KINDLE: Finishing Well, the congregation, and those you serve, will gain a staff member who is:

  • A more confident and intentional Christ-like Servant Leader.
  • Focused on a legacy roadmap that will enrich his or her final years of congregational service.
  • Equipped with ministry tools that will enable him or her to leave a legacy of multiplying Christ-like Servant Leaders.
  • Determined to apprentice others to lead small groups centered on Christ-like Servant Leader practices.
  • Able to coach lay leaders in their pursuit of a self-directed Servant Leader growth plan.
  • Committed to pursuing ongoing processes within her or his ministry areas that heighten the importance of Christ-like servant living.
  • More skilled in creating a Christ-like servant leadership development path for congregational lay people to follow.

The next Learning Cycle will begin in September 2018.  Online application will be available in August of 2017, with a deadline of May 15, 2018 to apply.

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