Classic KINDLE

One way that KINDLE pursues its mission is through the Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle.  Classic KINDLE offers a church worker resources, processes, and tools to create and establish an intentional Christ-like Servant Leader development process to enhance the ministry in one’s congregation, home, workplace, community, and the world.

Classic KINDLE is designed for commissioned workers or practitioners who have been in a congregational ministry setting for five years or longer.  It provides a two-year continuing education experience that is built around four residential learning events and weekly contact with a learning cluster of 5-6 people, facilitated by veteran church workers. Built into this two-year experience are small and large group congregational experiences, based on KINDLE’s resource materials. The desired outcome of the KINDLE Learning Cycle is that the participant will impact lay people in his or her area of ministry in a way that deepens their commitment to Christ-like servant leadership.

The Learning Cycle is a marvelous opportunity for those seeking to be challenged to grow further as a productive, resourceful congregational professional who desires to be a Christ-like Servant Leader and who seeks to prepare those he or she serves to also foster and multiply Christ-like Servant Leaders.  In pursuit of this challenge, there are four major emphases, the KINDLE Strands, that are at the heart of the KINDLE process, and which strengthens the church worker’s effectiveness in his or her pursuit of being a Christ-like Servant Leader:

  • Cultivating Faith
  • Cultivating Health
  • Cultivating Individuals
  • Cultivating Groups

When you participate in Classic KINDLE, the congregation and those you serve will gain a staff member who is:

  • A healthier, more intentional Christ-like Servant Leader.
  • Establishing an ongoing Christ-like Servant Leader development process within his or her ministry area.
  • Implementing resources for creating generations of Christ-like Servant Leaders, both inside and outside of the congregation.
  • Able to coach lay leaders in their pursuit of a Christ-like Servant Leader growth plan.
  • Focusing his or her ministry area on Christ-like servant leadership in congregation, home, workplace, and community.

The next Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle will include four Learning Events, located on the campus of the University of St. Mary of the Lake Conference Center in Mundelein, Illinois:

  • September 17-20, 2018
  • February 4-7, 2019
  • September 16-19, 2019
  • January 27-30, 2020

Application Process

1.  Before you begin the application process, please read this important application information document.

2.  Apply here for 2018-2020 Classic KINDLE.  The deadline to apply is May 15, 2018.

3.  After you apply, you will be requested to submit the following:

a.  $300 application fee by May 15, 2018.

b.  One-page statement addressing three items by May 15, 2018.

c.  Two recommendation forms by May 15, 2018.  Your pastor and a congregational leader in your ministry area may submit these recommendation forms online here (preferred).  If sending by mail or email, here is a copy to download.

4.  Download a brochure about 2018-2020 Classic KINDLE here.

Other Information That May Interest You

  1.  Here are some books that KINDLE is currently using or has used in the past to help develop Christ-like Servant Leaders.
  2.  Here is a list of who’s been through the KINDLE process.
  3.  Here are pictures from the current 2016-2018 Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle: