Classic KINDLE

One way that KINDLE pursues its mission is through the Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle – a collaborative learning experience built around learning clusters facilitated by veteran DCEs. Classic KINDLE is designed for commissioned workers or practioners who have been in a congregational ministry setting for four years or longer.  The focus of this two-year long continuing education experience is the deepening of the participant’s (called a KINDLE Associate) commitment to being a servant leader developer as s/he participates in face-to-face, small group interaction and on-line coaching.

The desired outcome of the Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle is that the KINDLE Associate will replicate his/her learning with congregational lay leaders as these individuals are coached in the practices of servant leadership.

The Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle is for those seeking to be challenged to grow further as a productive, resourceful congregational professional. The curriculum supports the development of four major emphases:

  • Cultivating Faith
  • Cultivating Health
  • Cultivating Individuals
  • Cultivating Groups

The next Learning Cycle will begin in September 2018.  Online application will be available in August of 2017, with a deadline of May 15, 2018 to apply.

Download a brochure about the current 2016-2018 Classic KINDLE here.
Download details about the current 2016-2018 application process here.
Here are some of the books that KINDLE is currently using or has used in the past to help develop Christ-like Servant Leaders.
Here’s a list of who’s been through the KINDLE process.

Make a payment for current 2016-2018 Classic KINDLE fees here.

Here’s a look into what is happening in the current 2016-2018 Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle: