KINDLE is Impacting Congregations

 “It’s a game changer.”

      “I’m taking ownership of the church more … this is mine.”

            “ KINDLE has impacted my workplace.”

                  “I am more aware of the impact I have on people around me.”

                        “KINDLE is changing my life every day.”

These are the testimonies of people who have engaged KINDLE in their congregation.  KINDLE helps prepare God’s people to be a welcoming, engaging presence of Christ, wherever they may be.  You can hear more in the video above.

KINDLE is growing as it stays true to its stated mission to “. . .foster and multiply Christ-like servant leaders to enhance the ministry of congregations in their communities and the world.”   More workers and their congregations are witnessing the impact.  This fall, another 59 professionals will join the 219 others who have participated in one of KINDLE’s national training events and they will involve many more in their congregations.

Whether your congregation would like to participate or simply support the effort, please join the KINDLE journey.

If you have any questions or observations, our contact information is to the right.

Grace, Peace and Joy,

Les Stroh

Executive Director

Les 3



KINDLE was mentioned on Thrivent Financial’s website. Click here to read the article.